Thursday, June 01, 2006

Guy Garvey

"friend of ours..." is how i heard bryan begin a
thousand stories. I remember how i felt when he made
it clear to me that he'd decided to be my mate. it was
supersonic. this charming handsome effortlessly cool
bloke had decided that i was alright and he seemed to
know every interesting cat in his beloved
manchester.sandy (friend of ours) pointed out that he
could never have had a full time job as his social
commitments took up his whole day. endlessly positive
nurturing sweet man i will never get used to the idea
of you not popping round the corner walking too fast
and smiling when we see each other."hiya mate." to
start and "love ya mate" to part.i know its the last
thing we ever said to each other.the most precious
object i own is a photo of us that will stay on my
wall so that years from now i get to tell people what
you mean to me and how ridiculously funny you
were.with all of my heart ,love ya mate. garv x

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