Friday, June 08, 2007

Mo Meek

Playlist for a tribute LP

Ad_Man Shouting
Beating Me Home
Beat The Boat
Bicycle Corn cob Tuesday
Bullets in the Backgroud
Burning Babel
Cash & Carry Love
Cat in the Mask
Christ Stopped In Salford
Dont Sell Me
Down in a Norhern Town
Empty Vessels
Getting Desperate
Goodnight History
Kid Who Saved Your Life
Little Prince
Making Love is Easy
Memory Man
Muse in my Shoes
New York & France
Proppinig up the Bar
Remembering You
Roadside Blues
Schoolboy Dreams
Season Fishing
Singer in the Subway
6 String Suicide
Sycamore Tree
Time for Change
Too Many FoxesWaiting in the Wings
When Harmony Comes.
Hey when you read the list as the lyrics to a sad but beautiful song can almost remember the boy.
Shalom Baruch Dovid "Bryan" Glancy

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