Tuesday, July 11, 2006

David Maxfield

I arrived back in Mancland 3 days ago after a visit to India to set up a B+B in Goa.

I left for the trip from Newbank towers , a home of a good friend of mine full of encouragement from mr glancy.

My trip back to Newbank ended in tears and later a heave ho from the bouncer in Big Hands (sorry)Just cannot get over bryans passing.

First met bryan when he wrote morphine after the fall from bury new road which, if you remember is where the song originated.

You fell how high and survived?? fukkin hell bryan yerv had too much rock n roll you mate, but seemingly not enough rkid..

The whisky was on form that night an i remember playing beat the boat over and over again while bryan had crashed..

Manchester seems empty without you bryan , i,m going back to India mate as i still can;t seem to get on with manc bouncers man..only you understood

Farewell rkid..

Please send your memories and stories to bryaninfo@gmail.com

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Paul Horrocks

Stumbled upon this site purely by chance but so glad I did.

I cannot really add anything to what has already been written, I did not really know him.

Some people give off vibes and sometimes you just know that there is something special about them.

Having spent my growing-up years in Salford and its big brother Manchester, my best memories are of pre-Madchester. Pre-Oasis

Drinking bottles of Holsten Pils at The Boardwalk, watching The Waltones, The Bodines, and countless jingly-jangly indie bands whose name began with a ‘The’.

City Life was a bible for finding out who was playing in town just as vital was listening to the Tony The Greek radio show.

I first remember hearing/reading about Bryan as one of the new acoustic troubadors of the North-West along side Johhny Dangerously (hmm is that your real name Mr Kloot ?) and Bob Dillinger. I was intrigued – what one bloke with a guitar singing on their own without a band ?

Ambitions of running a record label, managing bands, DJ-ing and writing a fanzine never happened sadly, maybe its still not too late (even with a mortgage and two kids)

Fast-forward to now and a lot of the bands I’ve seen are just memories and names in the ‘where are they now’ file. Some names you just remember.

I am a Library Information Assistant at The University of Salford (Adelphi Library) and met Bryan probably at the beginning of 2005.

Apparently he was studying English, Sociology and Politics.

I remember Bryan for having the knack of being the last student in the library.

I wish I could say that I had great conversations over films he had borrowed and returned (occasionally a day late); Paris,Texas, Goodwill Hunting, Kes, Get Carter, The Office, The Third Man, Dirty Harry and Man Bites Dog – unfortunately Bryan never spoke much – he didn’t need to really – a shame.

He did smile occasionally, a cool smile that said hundred words – I remember him stood at the security gate trying to get my attention once when he hard forgotten his ID card. University rules say that if you do not have your ID card then you cannot enter the library.

Some rules are meant to be broken for some people.

It was a pleasure to have met you

Please send your memories and stories to bryaninfo@gmail.com