Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sheila Johnson

I just wanted to add my message to those already here. I am his Mum's close friend over many years and therefore knew Bryan from the day he was born. I watched him grow, and later play with my own children, being at school with my son and a really good friend to him and to my two daughters. Then we all got on with our lives but any time I, or any of them, met Bryan again, we always found him, warm and affectionate, lovable and friendly, and a pleasure to meet and talk to and laugh with.

I knew he played and sang, and even that he did lots of gigs but, sadly, only now am I finding out how many other people in his own world loved and admired him. I have been so touched by the blogs posted from those who mourn his loss as we do and would like to send my own thanks for their lovely messages. We too will always miss him.

Please send your memories and stories to bryaninfo@gmail.com

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