Sunday, January 29, 2006

Darren Poyzer

The very first time I met Bryan Glancy was at Arches in Manchester, at one of my very first gigs. Having played a stinker I was alone at the bar, when Bryan came over to introduce himself and console me with kind words, support and warm conversation. He made me feel like I belonged when having left the stage to a cold reception, I felt like I just needed to leave and go home.

When someone you've never met takes the time to get to know you, when you are at alow ebb, it is something you never forget.

Had some really shit news today, and it's hard to get your head round this when it happens. Bryan Glancy, aged late 30's, died on Friday. Found these words on the 'I am Kloot' forum:

"Bryan was a close friend of just about everybody in
the Manchester Music scene and his popularity was only matched by the darkness and sensitivty of his songwriting"

I personally am of course a little lost for words as I knew Bryan well as a kindred spirit, even though I've not seen him for a little while. He was amongst the very very first songwriters to play The Witchwood, a venue I managed for 10 years, and was an integral member of a very special circle of friends who inspired me to promote live music, and who made the very first Stereo Graffiti Thursday nights so special.

It's a shocker, and a very very sad time for the our music community, as it is for all music communities when we lose someone so very special.

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