Monday, January 30, 2006

Jay Taylor

Bryan made me feel embarrassed. I'd played plenty of live shows and I'd lost count of all those various gigs in various acts. But never solo - never me, my battered guitar and the crowd. So I told him "I feel I should have done this"..."Yeah, you should have" he said. And our ages are close so it was doubly embarrassing. So he forces and issue for me via some kind hearted bullying and I take the step. God knows how many shows behind me and I'm doing something brand new to me.

I’d first shared a bill with Bryan maybe ten? fifteen? years ago at the Band on the Wall – he had a spot in the middle of a Mark Burgess set and an old combo of mine were opening up – I was a side man back then, wholly different to a me, myself and I solo set. Over the past few years we played a lot together (with some trepidation on my part – I was a fan you see). We bolstered our sometimes-meagre fanbases by pooling crowds – hey, it may be a crummy turn out but at least we are among friends with drinks in our hands right? And I got to see Bryan and the incomparable Graham Clark play – I never tired of that.

Our last show together turned out to be Bryan’s last show. He was superb that night. Effortlessly melodic, eloquent, funny and smart. A heaven sent gift right there.

I’m going to miss those shows. Even shows like that pretty extraordinary Stoke experience mentioned in Mr Guy Lovelady’s missive down below. I’m going to miss those damn fine songs. I’m going to miss Bryan appearing randomly in my office doorway at Night&Day with something great to say. Hell, I’m going to miss this wonderful man.

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