Sunday, January 29, 2006

Steve O'Donoghue

From what I knew of Bryan, he was a charming guy and always a pleasure to talk to.

When I was in Salvatore we actually gate crashed his gig at The Boardwalk. Just turned up with our gear and asked to play. Johnny Dangerously was on the bill that night also. I remember Johnny and Bryan coming over saying they enjoyed the set. I wish I could have got him to gatecrash a gig of mine.

He was a very talented song writer who, for some reason, didn't enjoy the success of some of his peers. He was good friends with David Gray and enjoyed some success in Mouth, a band he formed with I Am Kloot's John Bramwell.

I saw Mouth play at the Cavern in Ashton Under Lyne one Saturday afternoon, and that was the last time I heard Bryan perform. The last time I spoke to him was outside the Band On The Wall, trying to persuade me and a friend of mine, James to go for a drink with him and John.Now in the cold light of day I regret to say I declined the invite............

God bless you Bryan

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