Saturday, February 04, 2006

Alexander King

The last time I saw Bryan was on 5th January 2006 here in my home-town ofJerusalem. Bryan paid me a surprise visit - he called me out of the blue the night before we met up - I didn't even know he was in Israel. Anyway, we had a wonderful warm night out on the town, full of Manchester nostalgia. And that's how I'll remember him.

The first time I met Bryan was back in 1988 in England when I was 16 yearsold. I met him through Mark Burgess who was then in The Sun and The Moon and Keni from New Morning. All three of them made a profound impression on me during those formative years. Bryan was always fun, witty and spontaneous. I remember the time I called HIM up out of the blue one day in 1993 when I was passing through Manchester. He said "Hey, there's a gig on tonight. Come and stay at my place!" And I did!

His songs were very unique and soulful and will always have a special place in my heart. I have magical memories of some of his shows in the classic Manchester venues of yesteryear. "Beat the Boat" has been on constant play on my stereo for the week.

Bryan, I will miss you, man.

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