Wednesday, February 15, 2006

P J Hakimi

It is our loss brother

I met Bryan when he was touring with Mark to promote Zima Junction, a beautiful venue is The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. As soon as he started singing and playing his guitar you could tell that this is not just a sideman for Mark and a talent all his own. So information was exchanged and we kept in touch with the idea to put something out on my indi label. Will always remember my trip to Manchester and staying at his place, as soon as I arrived he played a tune of his on the piano and me feeling like I was the luckiest man alive to be an audience to this talent. We would wave to his favorite fox in the early morning hours, driving late at night with him driving with sunglasses on and me feeling like it would be my last trip alive. His visit to the States and the tour with the Mouthfelt like it was one of those things you EXPERIENCE only once. I knew there would be little interest but happily drove, carried equipment and housed the four lads on my twin bed, "MAD!!!" as he would say. Needless to say that he knew all the pubs and the bartenders by first name in the short time they were there. We recently exchanged some emails and he was in such good state of mind. And now this; The world is a lonelier place without him and the likes of Bryan (are there any?) are much too rare. I will think of you often my friend and shed a tear as I write this.
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