Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Elliot Wheeler

Deeply shocked to hear this news – my heart goes out to Bryan’s family and friends – a great raw talent from Manchester, I still listen to Zima Junction – ‘Beat The Boat’ and ‘When Harmony Comes’, I still regard them as outstanding tracks… another great singer/songwriter will be sadly missed.

Bryan e-mailed me about a year ago, asking whether or not I’ll be interested in purchasing the original artwork for ‘Zima Junction’ and some records of The Chameleons that he was selling. I asked what he was doing, since Zima Junction, he just demanded for me to go out and buy Am I Kloot CD’s, he said that he was involved in their early years as a songwriter, which I did.

Of course I was definitely interested in the artwork but he was unable to establish a price with him, so I never purchased the item, he said that he was going to place the item on e-bay; I hope he was successful in the end.

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