Wednesday, February 01, 2006


a Hallowed Moon

Bryan, brother friend neighbour comrade,
Always there for a wise witty word any time day or nighte, a friend full
of charmed wit and humorous angles on any story i could think of telling
him. Advice on the most complex matters he gave as easily as his fags,
BDG he'll always beknown to me,
in other words BaruchDavidGlancy in eebrew, ie, DavidWillBless
And he always DID
in his own inimitable way
A wordsmith par excellence (but this is but an external description),
always bless in whomever he met
what i seen him do
an avant garde prophet (or songwriter if u will)
we spent many times figuring out the moon's haloes
carting me off to far off towns on mutually agreeed whims
Love was his name and game was his loves
words cant describe the shock loss
I know youre in heaven 'illin wid angels
Laughin finally
tho i sadly miss you brother


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