Sunday, February 05, 2006

Maxine Noar

A deep sadness of lost opportunities

I didn't know Bryan the musician.

I knew Bryan through our families. Our mums are best friends and so we grew up together with many family holidays and kids parties.

Whenever I think of Bryan, I am reminded of a charisma that drew you to him. A magnetism and humour that cannot not be manufactured.

The things he did just to entertain made him renown in the area. I remember once how he sat on the kerb outside his house for hours with a fishing rod cast into the gutter, just nodding at anyone who passed by.

There are so many stories, rehashed over the last few weeks that have made us laugh and cry.

Bryan belongs to a wonderful family, each very different and each very special. I am grateful for my memories and for being a part of his childhood. These wonderful tributes make me wish I had known him better as an adult.

I only hope he knew how much he was loved.

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